Was Vincent Van Gogh The Best Painter Of All Time?

Here at Garth O’effner Gallery we like to look back at the history of art and speculate questions. One question being Was Van Gogh the best painter of all time?

It seems like some of the most troubled artists can put out some of the best work sometimes. Think about Edgar Allen Poe and his writing as an example, and of course we’re going to focus on Vincent Van Gogh, who was also a troubled artist. Everyone has heard the story about Vincent Van Gogh and his ear, and most people have seen his work. Many of them wouldn’t be able to give you a name of one of his paintings, however, because not enough people pay attention to art.

Still, there are enough appreciators of art out there, and I am definitely one of them. I know that Starry Night is one of his most popular paintings. It’s not often that prints of original paintings get quite as popular as this one. It’s like this painting fits everyone’s tastes and fits the decor of every space. It’s not just the scene painted of course, but it’s Van Gogh’s style that was so popular.

van goghMost people take one look at a Van Gogh painting, and if they know anything about Impressionism, they are going to think Van Gogh was an Impressionist painter. However, Van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter, which only strengthens his impact on the art world. The impressionist painters were a very popular group, so it’s quite a popular time to be a painter coming out of that period.

I remember when I was studying art in college, the Impressionist paintings I saw fascinated me. It was honestly my favorite period for art, and Van Gogh would definitely be one of my favorite painters of all time? Is he the best? Well, that’s up to each art fan’s perception and opinion, but Van Gogh would always be one of the artists that fit the discussion for sure.

If you didn’t know, it wasn’t just that Van Gogh was troubled, but he was actually mentally ill. It makes you feel sorry for the man considering all he went through during his life. He was single, and I can identify with that life. He did have a couple relationships, but nothing ever panned out. In his lifetime, he created over 1,000 drawings, 900 paintings and wrote 800 letters! Imagine doing that during a lifetime completely different from today’s digital world.

Van Gogh is a name that comes up in art course after art course and history class after history class. It’s hard not to know anything about this famous painter. What do you think of this post-Impressionist painter? Did you think he was ever rich? His brother was the one who took care of him financially. Are you one of those people who think that a person must go to art school in order to be successful? Van Gogh was self taught, which says quite a lot about natural talent.

So the man wasn’t rich. Did he at least get his paintings out there? How many did he sell? Van Gogh sold a whopping one single painting. Think of what that means in relationship to how successful his paintings have been in the art world since then. Has anyone else made that kind of an impact?


Things to Know About New Kirby Amiibo Set to Be Released In Coming June

amiibo kirbyNintendo is going to release a New Kirby Amiibo Set as new 3DS Kirby game, Kirby: Planet Robobot. According to the news announced by Nintendo along with the image of the pack of this new bundle the release of this Amiibo and game is expected to be held in June this year.

The image of the Kirby Amiibo packed with the 3DS game of Nintendo was included in the tweet posted by IGN to spread the information about this game.

The account of Nintendo announced in UK that the bundle of this game will be available for 35 pounds from 20th June this year. They revealed that the UFO ability within the game will be unlocked by the Amiibo figure provided with the pack, the pre-booking of which has already been started. All the versions of the Nintendo 3DS will be compatible with this Amiibo.

Earlier Nintendo announced to release the bundle of this game on 3rd March. This game that again shows Kirby fighting against the evil forces uses the ability to replicate their attacks along with copying the clones. Along with brand new features used throughout the game for the players they also copied nearly 25 abilities of different kinds including the main point of selling for Robobot, mechs, from its previous versions.

Apart from the ability of Kirby to duplicate enemy attacks another cool feature of this New Kirby Amiibo Set is that the suits of the Robobot and their modified versions can also be used throughout the game to absorb the attacks of the enemies. The shocking attacks against foes can be unleashed or the walls and other obstruction can also be broken through by using some of these abilities. If you really want a great looking figure, you can get your own custom amiibos to really stand out!

According to the Nintendo Direct, players can use more than 10 modes for armouring the Robobot of which each mode opens up new way to navigate through the game to play it.

Moreover, four players play this game together to fight with the bosses through a multiplayer mode provided in it separately. Each player is observed by this cooperative mode to be in his role while fighting and helping his associates in proceeding towards victory. This mode works with each player in a class based system to grow with their roles by earning experience points. This feature is quite an interesting one for the new users.

Though Kirby: Planet Robobot is ready to release with its Amiibo in June this year but it will also use other Amiibos as the statues of different characters to provide various special abilities to Kirby to use throughout the game. The Mario Amiibo, for example, will provide Kirby the ability to use the power of fire. Similarly Kirby will be able to use the Master Sword of Link Amiibo during the battle after this ability was granted to him by Link Amiibo.

Along with Kirby: Planet Robobot three more Amiibo will be released on 10th June especially to support this New Kirby Amiibo Set. Each of these Amiibos will provide a special costume and copy a unique ability to the players.


Do You Want To Collect Nintendo Amiibo Figures?

Do You Want To Collect Nintendo Amiibo Figures?

You can have a lot of fun collecting Nintendo amiibo figures if you want. There are many characters and different versions of them. How do you find what you could enjoy? Find out here and start building a new collection that you’ll have a ton of fun with!
4Keep in mind that there are some of these that get very expensive since not a lot were made and a lot of people collect them. There are some people known as resellers, and what they do is wait for the amiibo to come out, but all of them, and the resell them for far more than what they should cost. It’s not fair to collectors, but there is not a lot Nintendo can do to combat this beyond making more because if they do that, then they aren’t as rare.
If you’re going to buy any amiibo online or anywhere for a high price, make sure you check to see if Nintendo is going to release that particular one again. You don’t want to end up having to pay a bunch of money when you don’t have to if you just wait. It’s also a good idea to look into the market and see how prices fluctuate over time for individual characters. You may find that if you wait the prices will amiibo display case designs  go down because more stock may appear for whatever reason, but all in all if you see a low or fair price on one you may want to snag it before it’s too late.
When you buy Nintendo amiibo figures, you’re going to have a great time displaying them and using them for your Wii U and 3DS games. There are new ones released all the time. Try to stay on top of what is coming out in the near future and you can always get what you want.


3 Benefits of Running on a Treadmill

hile running is a great form of exercise, it can be hard on the body. Many runners find that running on a treadmill is a great way to get their exercise, without risking some of the physical damage that may occur when running on hard surfaces. Treadmills come with a large variety of features, which can help runners at all levels. Here are a few of the benefits you can get from running on a treadmill.

Avoid Bad Weather

The best way to build endurance as a runner is to run consistently. This is easy for a person who lives in a temperate climate. However, if you live in an area where heat, snow or rain are an issue, then a treadmill is a great supplement to your daily running routine.

The treadmill also offers a runner the chance to run at various times of day when going our for a run may be inconvenient. If you only have a short amount of time for a run, it’s easier to hop on the treadmill, than to leave the house.

Know the Distance

exercisingWhen it comes to calculating the distance you run, most people either use a pedometer or use map software. Both of these methods have flaws. Most treadmills contain a distance log. You can monitor the distance you run as well as how fast you ran. This is useful for people training for a race or marathon. Cory Klinge Fitness has in dept reviews on his Max Trainer M5 Review.

In addition to calculating the distance, some treadmills can also calculate the calories burned. In order to do this, you must enter your height and weight information. If this information is not required, then the calorie information may be inaccurate.

Add Variety

Many people run a specific route. If that route is flat, then the runner will only work specific muscles. Running on an incline or decline can trigger smaller muscles and help build muscle endurance. A treadmill can help to build these muscles by offering a variety of incline levels (this is especially important if you read Cory’s Bowflex Pr1000 Article Review.)

Some treadmills also have programming which moves the incline level up or down to simulate running a specific course or to build certain muscles. Training in this ways helps a runner build endurance and condition the runner’s muscles.

Running on a treadmill has many benefits for both the beginner and advanced runner. How you use your treadmill will depend on your lifestyle. The type of treadmill you buy should include the features you need in order to get the most out of your purchase.