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All you need to know about the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, also known as E3, was packed to capacity this year, as has largely become the norm concerning this video game expo. It was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 13th and ended on the 15th of the same month. Doors were open to the public by around noon. 

This very popular annual event plays host to a large number of retailers, video game developers and publishers. These groups then use this venue as a platform to release the hottest new video games on the market for the upcoming shopping season as well introducing the latest hardware and upgrades. Usually this is where most video game fanatics will get their first glimpse of the many games they’ll probably be playing when fall rolls through. 

The biggest news to come out of the expo this year was the launch and pricing of Microsoft’s new Xbox. Project Scorpio is a new supercharged upgrade of the Xbox One version. Its new major inclusions are its virtual reality headset and the fact it can run native 4K resolution. This new arrival was Microsoft’s way of trying to catch up with Sony and its immensely popular PlayStation 4. The new console is known as the Xbox One X. 

Another E3 debut was the unveiling of the new Nintendo Switch console and the bonus new hardware that comes along with this video game console. Nintendo claims that Switch is still the console that sells the fastest However, the absence of Mario Odyssey on Nintendo’s launch line-up proved a sticky point for many fans and buyers. Nintendo amiibos, did however, assure fans and buyers that the delayed unveiling would be worth the wait. 

Many agreed that the best new IP game was Anthem. This is Legendary RPG studios’ first new IP game released for more than a decade and boy does it look awesome. This was now considered as definitely worth the wait. However, the story might come of to some as being cliche due to the fact that it’s set in an alien world where humanity, once again, will have to fight dearly to avoid extinction. This game puts the player in a freelancer role that is part of a team that has been instructed to protect the wall that was built to defend humanity. 

Most who purchased the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 tickets and got the opportunity to attend got a chance to try out the latest games many months before their scheduled launch dates.

Beretta M9/92F

Beretta M9/92F

Type Semi-automatic pistol
Weight 963.9g
Length 217mm
Barrel Length 125mm
Magazine Capacity 15 rounds
Caliber 9mm Parabellum
Rifling 6 grooves, RH
Muzzle Velocity 390 meters/second
In Service 1976-
Country of Origin Italy

The Beretta M9/92F, one of the world’s most popular double-action pistols for both military and civilian applications, evolved from earlier semi-automatic pistol designs including the Model 1934. The M9/92F incorporates a pivoting breech locking block similar to that of the German Walther P-38.

Following the conflict in Vietnam, the U.S. military began to evaluate the need for a single military handgun to replace stockpiles of aging .38- and .45-caliber revolvers and pistols. They specified a 9mm Parabellum semi-automatic pistol to allow ammunition compatibility with other North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces, who were already using this cartridge in their pistols and submachine guns. Criteria included: double-action capability, 9mm Parabellum chambering, ambidextrous operation, and high magazine capacity. Pistols from a variety of arms makers underwent extensive testing in addition to researching the best ar-15 manufacturer .

The the Beretta 92 was adopted in 1976. A transitional model, the 92SB-F, which included a firing pin block safety, was adopted in 1984 as a U.S. government military standard pistol. It was designated by the U.S. military as the M9 pistol or PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), with initial examples imported from Italy for this contract marked as Model 92F.

The Beretta Model 92F is a double-action semi-automatic pistol. The first shot can be fired from a hammer down position by a pull of the trigger. Subsequent shots may be in single-action mode. The hammer is recocked automatically by slide cycling, or, by using the slide mounted ambidextrous safety, the hammer may be lowered to return to double-action operation. Extended magazines holding twenty or more cartridges can be used.

The Beretta 92F pistol marks a number of ‘firsts’ for a standard issue U.S. military handgun in active service with the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy: the first 9mm Parabellum pistol, the first pistol with an aluminum frame, and the first double-action pistol.

Life Fitness and Precor Elliptical Trainers Compared in 5 Ways

Life Fitness and Precor both create lines of identical home-and commercial-use elliptical cross trainers. While one could argue that, on the whole, the Precor elliptical have lesser features than Life Fitness models, high-end Precor trainers are also priced lesser than high-end Life Fitness elliptical. Both brands present well-built products with plenty of resemblances, thus a concluding option amid them will come down to cost and features.

Comparison #1: Purpose

Both the home and commercial series of Life Fitness and Precor elliptical trainers work on similar basis. Two dependent-motion pedals direct your feet throughout an elliptical stride, estimating a natural running range of movement. Shifting handlebars present you a possibility to work your upper body, as well, or you can clutch onto the immobile handlebars for additional backing.

Comparison #2: Stride Length and Incline

Several Life Fitness elliptical models have set stride lengths, but the X8 and X5 home models present changeable stride length to have a capacity for distinct body mechanics. While a number of Precor elliptical cross-trainers have set stride lengths, most present adjustable stride length too.

In supplementation to adjustable stride lengths, Precor’s incline-adjustable cross- ramp, an improvement that Life Fitness elliptical lack, enable you to alter the machine’s incline a great deal like you would do with a treadmill, adjusting both stride length and muscles worked with every stride.

Comparison #3: Features

Both Life Fitness and Precor elliptical trainers present the average range of features of an up-to-date elliptical cross trainer, counting heart rate regulation, user-customizable and fitness test program, built-in heart rate monitors and wireless heart rate monitor compatibility. Both Precor and Life Fitness present self-powered elliptical trainers that do not require to be plugged in; they work on the energy supplied once you pedal.

Standout features for Precor elliptical trainers involve an elective in-console television and the adjustable-incline cross ramp. Standout features of Life Fitness elliptical involve FM radio-ready and laptop compatible in-console entertainment and workouts intended to activate real terrain, like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Comparison #4: Maximum User Weight

Both home and commercial Life Fitness and Precor elliptical trainers sustain maximum user weights of 359 to 400 pounds, depending on the models selected.

Bowflex Resources to double check your prices –  &

Comparison #5: Price

As of May 2010, Life Fitness home elliptical trainers cost from $2,000 to more than $4,000. Commercial models might cost up to $10,000 or above. Precor home models vary in price from $3,000 to more than $5,000, while commercial models begin at approximately $5,000.

Additional Comparison

Precor elliptical is pleasant with the changeable incline, but need additional employment of your ankles and knees. Life Fitness is an excellent aerobic workout with smooth movements. The Life Fitness is a solid company with immense product. They products are durable with advanced console. It is super smooth, extremely quiet, and easy on your joints and has a complete variety of choices from manual to assortment of preprogrammed modes.


When taking into account the place to put the elliptical in your house, do not forget about its height. Make sure that you have ample space in your home to place the equipment and be sure that you have enough head room.

What I Personally Look For In An Art Piece

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s certainly true in the cases of art, especially paintings, sculptures, and music. What one person loves, another hates, or just does not have any reaction whatsoever to. What is a work of art and what is just a thing can be debated, as the very definition of art is sometimes not even agreed upon.

For me, art is any creative piece of work that evokes an emotional reaction. That’s the very first thing I look for in paintings, posters, or photos that I consider to decorate the walls of any home or office I spend a lot of time in. I look at the piece and just check in with myself to see if it is generating any kind of feeling.

Art Can Be Everywhere

Art Can Be Everywhere

Of course something that evokes a particularly negative response isn’t likely to wind up being a part of my collection, but what I personally look for in an art piece isn’t always a positive feeling or something that makes me feel great just looking at it. If I have to look at something almost every day, then I don’t want it to be too happy. That could get old quick.

For the most part, what I tend to look for in an art piece is something that is just more pleasant, perhaps beautiful, or even something that is just comforting. These are the kinds of art pieces that I like to decorate with.

I find myself drawn to Thomas Kincaid’s work quite often. I was lucky enough to be on a cruise ship a few years ago that was sporting a small collection of his paintings in their gallery. Sadly, I didn’t have the resources at the time to be a part of the auction for those pieces, but I did take the time to stroll through the hallway with those pieces when I could. His vibrant colors and gorgeous imagery seem to make his paintings alive and engaging, yet without being overwhelming.

Nature landscapes, particularly of tropical beaches or Rocky Mountain landscapes are always hanging in my home. Even if weather or season keeps me indoors for periods of time, they serve as reminders that I will some day or hour again go out and enjoy sunshine or travel to other places.

There are many pieces of art that I enjoy looking at, but what I will spend money on to own and hang in my home or office is quite a narrower selection of work.

Canadian Diamonds

For a long time, people thought that Canadian Diamonds were just a prospector’s dream. The dream did become a reality following a discovery in the 1990’s. It was discovered there were several world-class diamond-bearing deposits found in the north of Canada. In 1960, diamond exploration began, but major discoveries were not found until the 1980’s. The first set of economic diamond deposits were found in the Lac de Gras area of the Northwest Territories, it truly was amazing to find Canadian diamonds.

Now the Canadian diamonds market is growing and blossoming within the diamond industry. They bring in over two billion dollars and indicate they have the potential for future growth. In 2003 there were 11.6 million carats produced, this is increasing each and every year. When looking for the best tanzanite engagement ring options – looking into Canadian diamonds can be a viable option. They have now opened a second mine called Diavik. Life expectancy of this mine is least twenty years and they are expecting to mine at least three to five million carats every year which is at least four percent of the world’s volume, with more mines scheduled to be opened this amount can be expected to increase.

Canadian Diamonds Protect the Environment and Economy

Since the discovery of Canadian diamonds, polishing facilities in Canada have started up. The major benefit is that they are a major source of employment in Canada. The reasons for these facilities being setup is because of a process called the Kimberly Process, which basically takes the rough, raw diamonds that look like normal everyday stones into the beautiful creations you see before you in the stores. It is an international certification process that helps prevent what is known as ‘conflict’ diamonds from entering into legitimate markets.


Blue Canadian Diamonds

Canadian diamonds are now one of the industries largest producers and exporters of diamonds. With strict governing laws surrounding the level of pollution that can be emitted in diamond mining and any refinement process that goes with it on Canadian soil, the facilities that are put up in Canada are of a high standard so as to adhere to these laws and this helps protect the environment.

Canadian Diamonds Are As Good As Those Shipped Internationally

Canadian diamonds are high quality and compare favorably with diamonds from any other diamond producing country. Diamonds are one of the best investments you can make, not just from a monetary point of view, but also in cementing your relationship. Giving a Canadian diamond to a woman shows your affection, your love, and your commitment to her.

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